IMDM Presents Farewell Token to Prof. Federico (Poch) Macaranas

IMDM's Ms. Coratec Jimenez and Pons Carpio presented to esteemed Prof. Federico (Poch) Macaranas a farewell token on the occasion of his retirement send-off from the Asian Institute of Management on December 7, 2017. Prof. Poch Macaranas is one of IMDM's strongest supporters, advisors and mentors. He has committed to continue his support to IMDM in the years ahead and has accepted IMDM's invite for him to be one of the Trustees. IMDM looks...

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Announcements and Invitations

On March 7, during the Alumni Homecoming week on this year's 50th Anniversary of AIM, IMDM will be hosting for the MDM Alumni, students and Development Professionals a Roundtable engagement with the Solar Philippines President Mr. Leandro L. Leviste. The morning talk will be coupled with a fellowship lunch and an organizational strategic planning workshop in the afternoon. The whole day event will be held at the Lopez case room. Registration starts at 8:00 AM.

Contact us for further details and register early with the secretariat.

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Projects and Programs

The Master in Development Management (MDM) Program:

This is a program offered by the Stephen Zuellig Graduate School of Development. It is a full-time 12 month program that equips the development executives or professionals to lead in their respective organizations - whether in government, civil sector or private companies with a holistic mindset that balances the various driving factors that impact on the People, Planet and Profits. Click the link below.

IMDM  has led BIDA, DevPro Forum Series, case writing projects - see portfolio

AIM MDM Program

Work not in Silos but as One Team!

Our complex societal problems and challenges cannot be solved by us working in silos but rather in collaboration with one another - working as one team.

We serve as a catalyst that reaches out to the key actors from the Government, Private and Civil Sector Groups and offer a platform for them to engage with one another, plan to work together and take action as one team but with clear roles in accordance with one's abilities and competence and passionate commitment to effect the desired changes in society to improve the quality of lives of the people.

We enjoin you to participate in our Development Forums, Roundtable Discussions, Workshops, or engage us to help you plan, implement, monitor and track your development projects.

Let's work together!

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