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Our Vision/Mission

We envision ourselves to be dynamic, professional and enlightened development managers and leaders effecting positive change through the pursuit of good governance and sustainable development.

Towards this end, we commit ourselves to:

• A culture of excellence
• Mastery of self
• Synergy of action

Thereby enhancing our firm resolve to improve the quality of lives of the people.

Who we are

The IMDM is an organization spearheaded by Master in Development graduates of the Asian Institute of Management to serve as a catalyst for concerted action of the three key stakeholders of society – Government, Private and the Civil Sector – to forge dynamic partnerships and work as one team to take on the challenges of Good Governance and Sustainable Development.

Officially founded in 2003, IMDM adheres to the principles of Sustainable Development and Good Governance and promotes a participative process in engaging institutions and organizations of society as prime movers in the development arena.

Meet the Team

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The Board of Directors, Trustees and Officers