Gearing up for organizational expansion

IMDM launches its website!

The IMDM Website is launched for the purpose of:

  1. serving as an enabler in connecting the MDM Alumni and its members as well as prospective members to one another;
  2. keeping the members abreast and well-informed of the organization's activities;
  3. serving as a means to communicate, inspire, influence its audience and stakeholders on the goals of the organization, plans and action programs, progress towards those goals and outcomes;
  4. showcasing, and promoting good practices, best practices in the field of Sustainable Development and Good Governance;
  5. expanding and maintaining active Asia-wide and international membership.

Be counted, fill up the membership application form (at the Membership page) and submit with updated CV to us. 

1 thought on “Gearing up for organizational expansion”

  1. Congratulations! Looking forward to connect with fellow MDM classmates, alumni and Development Professionals!

    And together answer the critical question – What now?

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