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BIDA - Barangay Improvement Development Action

The BIDA Program is about working with a local government unit - in developing a Barangay Development Plan, facilitating the workshops involved in crystalizing the barangay's vision/mission, through to the planning - annual to long-term plan. And following through implementation, monitoring, tracking of outputs and outcomes.

The barangay leadership is empowered with working together with the experienced experts on development management from AIM - enriching the process of External Analysis, Organizational Diagnosis, Strategic Planning Processes to come up with a doable annual and medium term plan for the overall benefit of the community.

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Malampaya Case Studies - writing

IMDM wrote 10 case studies on the Malampaya Deepwater Gas to Power Project of Shell Philippines Exploration B.V. that capture the stories and lessons learnt on the various Social and Community Development Projects that contributed to the successful delivery of the Project within the framework of Sustainable Development. These cases show and can immerse students in the various challenges in obtaining social acceptability of a project amongst various key stakeholders - like national government agencies down to local barangays, fisherfolk organization, NGOs and even opposition groups.

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Development Professionals Forums/ Conferences

Upon its inception, IMDM and the founding members of the class of 2003, organized its first International Conference on Bridging and Servant Leaders leading Social Change in Society in 2003. Thereafter, IMDM successfully organized and hosted several other Development Professional (DevPro) forums - engaging various stakeholders and leading actors in Government, Private and Civil Sector Groups on Development-themed topics in pursuit of effecting positive change in society. The forums and conferences serve as a rich platform for expanding one's network capital whilst also developing one's competence - learning from best practices shared by esteemed speakers and participants.