Development Research/Case Study Writing

We gather best practices in Sustainable Development or Corporate Social Responsibility Programs by organizations and corporations, write case studies about them and organize their presentations in capacity building workshops, forums or conferences.

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Capacity Building / Competence Development Workshops

We develop and conduct organizational training modules - on leadership, emergency or disaster preparedness, Sustainable Development and Good Governance for capacity building workshops or competence development. An initial organizational gap assessment may be conducted to identify needs and in collaboration with the client organization, develop the training module to address the gaps identified and conduct the training.

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Roundtables, Forums and Conferences

We organize and conduct Roundtable Discussions, Forums and Conferences that engage various key actors and leaders from the Government, Private and Civil Sectors on relevant Development Themes to serve as platforms for collaboration and alignment of plans for action, and keep track of progress.

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Forging Partnerships

We have forged partnerships with organizations, government agencies or local government units, companies and development agencies in the course of conducting capacity building workshops, or hosting of conferences and forums for Development Actors, Professionals and Stakeholders.

Purposeful Fellowships cum Development Topic

To keep engaged with fellow MDM Alumni and other Development Professionals and friends, we occasionally hold a breakfast or Roundtable Forum on certain Development Topic of interest or hot issues.

Alumni Development Forum

Take Action

Take that step now, engage us and explore aspects of collaboration where we can both enrich our experience and actions to improve lives of people - within your organization or your external stakeholder communities.